Personal Impact and Presentation Skills Coach

Rina Mahoney is an experienced educator who has developed the 'PAVE!' framework and is passionate about utilising her skills as an actress to benefit and support those in the business arena. She is a qualified coach (Level 5 Coaching Diploma at The University of Warwick).


Since 1991 she has been an associate with numerous leading drama-based learning and development training companies, in the UK and internationally, where she has provided role play, facilitation, coaching and presentation skills workshops.


Rina understands the importance of offering contextualised feedback which is evidence-based and delivered constructively to best enable the growth of those in the training environment.


She specialises in running small group training sessions and one-to-one sessions on presentation skills and personal impact.


As an actress, she has worked with companies of the calibre of the Royal Shakespeare Company, and BBC and appeared in popular TV shows such as Coronation Street, Casualty and BBC Radio 4's The Archers. Rina is also an ALP (Associate Learning Practitioner) for The Royal Shakespeare Company.


She shares the skills she has attained as a performer and as someone who regularly has to put themselves through the interview process to sell herself and her ideas most effectively.


During sessions she uses a variety of methods depending on the desired outcome. From material as varied as Shakespeare's "Henry V" to speeches from Barack Obama's presidential campaign or the coachee's material, she encourages people to use their whole body and voice in a way which gives meaning and intention behind the words of a presentation. Rina enables participants to improve the way they are perceived by controlling anxiety around presenting with several relaxation and breathing techniques along with posture, gesticulation and voice exercises; all gleaned from her extensive performance career.


These sessions can be held face to face or on a remote basis.