Role Player & Facilitator         

Rina Mahoney - Corporate CV         

Rina has a Level 5 Coaching Diploma at the University of Warwick where she qualified in July 2017 with a special interest in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching. She is the founder of the PAVE! Coaching System - a personal impact and presentation skills coaching programme, which she delivers on a one to one or small group basis.


An experienced educator, Rina is passionate about utilising her skills and experience as an actress to benefit and develop others in the teaching arena understanding the importance of offering contextualised feedback which is evidence based and delivered in a constructive manner to best enable the growth of those in the training environment.


Since 1991 she has been an associate with numerous leading drama based learning and development training companies, in the UK and internationally, where she has provided role play, facilitation and coached in presentation skills.


Teaching of Presentation Skills and Personal Impact Techniques:


Rina runs small group training sessions and one to one's on presentation skills and personal impact. As an actress who has worked with companies of the calibre of the RSC and the BBC, she shares the skills she has attained as a performer and as someone who regularly has to put themselves through the interview process to sell oneself and ones ideas most effectively. Here she uses a variety of methods dependent on the desired outcome. From material as varied as Shakespeare's "Henry V" to speeches from Barack Obama's presidential campaign.


She encourages people to use their whole body and voice in a way which gives meaning and intention behind the words of a presentation. She enables participants to improve the way they are perceived by controlling anxiety around presenting with a number of relaxation and breathing techniques along with posture, gesticulation and voice exercises; all gleaned from her extensive theatre career. These sessions can be held face to face or on a remote basis. 


Corporate Role-player and facilitator:


Rina is an Associate with several leading drama based training companies who operate on a national and international level. Full details are available upon request.


Regular Delivery for: Blue Chip Companies, SME's, Public Sector, Charitable Sector and Educational organisations including:


Corporate: BP, Specsavers, Derby Homes, SKY, Virgin, Nokia, Statoil, Astra Zeneca, Manweb, London College of Fashion, Mirror Group, NFU Mutual, Argos, DWF, Novo Nordisk, IBM, Three, BT, Network Rail, NATS, Computershare.


Education: West Midlands Deanery, NHS Leadership Academy, University of Warwick, Stellar HE.


Public: Department of Education, CPS, National Association of Teachers, Highways Agency, Department of Work and Pensions, NHS, Greater Manchester Police, IPCC, Valuation Office Agency.


Financial: RBS, Lehman Brothers, Deutsche Bank, TSB, Legal and General, Paragon, PWC, KPMG.


Motor: Peugeot, Mercedes Benz, Vauxhall, Renault, JLR, Skoda, Volkswagon.

Charitable: Cancer Research UK, Macmillan, Order of St John.

In her capacity as an Associate, Rina has been involved in delivering training in the following areas as both a role player and a facilitator: Time Management, Conflict Management, Challenging Conversations, Coaching skills, Health and Safety, Change Management, Equality and Diversity, Managing Grievance, Inspiring and Influencing, Managing under-performance, Negotiation Skills, Engaging Hearts and Minds.

Coach / Facilitator/ Simulated / standardised Patient:

Interactive Studies Unit (ISU) in The College of Medical and Dental Sciences at Birmingham University:

The ISU is a leading light in the UK in using the practice of role players as simulated/ standardised patients to educate those pursuing their career within medicine or dentistry.

For the ISU, Rina is an established coach and facilitator on the Referred Doctors Programme, running one to one's with practising doctors who have been referred from the NHS Professional Support Unit to improve their professional development and communication skills. 


In excess of over 20 years Rina has worked for the ISU on a freelance basis, with undergraduates and post-graduates on numerous courses on best practice in communication skills when dealing with patients, relatives and colleagues.


She has been responsible for running small group teaching workshops and facilitating role play sessions with students as well as working in intense one to one sessions with referred students and practising doctors alike. This involves role playing and offering constructive feedback in very sensitive matters which can often touch upon emotional intelligence, cultural sensitivities and language barriers.


Advanced Communication Skills Training Course (Connected Courses):


Rina is trained to role play on these specialist courses and has been involved in their delivery since their conception almost a decade ago. The courses, which run nationally and more recently internationally, are there to support the communication skills of healthcare professionals working within the palliative care setting. Participants include Consultants, Surgeons, Specialist Nurses, Dietitians, Physiotherapists and others involved in the holistic multi-disciplinary approach to caring for those in a palliative situation.

This bespoke role play work requires an ability to process medical information in a short amount of time and great sensitivity around the emotional nature of the courses along with an understanding of the setting and the complexities particular to this challenging environment.

Rina has also been involved in role playing on the Children and Young People Connected Courses. These focus specifically on the needs of children and their families in the palliative care setting.


Birmingham Children’s Hospital (BCH):


Rina is a regular role player for BCH working with their PICU staff on a variety of issues from supporting families of children in the unit to dealing with staff development and cross discipline communication needs.

Organ Donation Simulation Courses: 


Along with a facilitator Rina has travelled nationally to deliver training on how to approach the sensitive issue of requesting organ donation in the hospital setting. Using role play, participants, whilst following necessary policy and procedure, discover the most effective way to handle helping others make vital decisions during a period of heightened emotion.


Working in the UK's most technically advanced simulation centres, (Nottingham University Hospital, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, The Walton Centre Liverpool, Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester), Rina role plays the relative of a patient who has been admitted after a physical trauma in an unconscious state. Medical staff are then put through their paces during a gruelling day of exercises which charts the patient's journey from admittance to expiration and organ donation. This is a physically and emotionally charged day where Rina is expected to remain in role throughout her journey as the relative. At the end of the day detailed feedback is given about the support she was offered and the way she was handled both physically and emotionally.


Methodology used in the Corporate and Medical training environment includes:


  • One to one role play, forum theatre

  •  business simulation courses

  • recording of online learning to be used in the training environment, on company intranet services and as a part of e-learning packages

  • bespoke role play - for delegates wanting to practice a "live" issue, one-to-one coaching around leadership styles and influencing skills

  • demonstrating and providing a platform for delegates to practically apply coaching models e.g.: GROW

  • facilitating the discovery of psychological preferences e.g.: MBTI and Insights and applying the findings in a meaningful way to influence in the business arena

  • facilitation and demonstration of numerous business training models as a means for personal development for delegates e.g.: Johari Window, Transactional Analysis, Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument and Stephen Covey's Circle of Influence


Project Management:

Rina regularly manages projects on behalf of training companies sourcing role players, liaising with clients and writing briefing materials.



More recently Rina has been involved in design work for, among others, Paragon Finance, the NHS and Mercedes Benz UK.