Rina is currently coaching senior leaders at PWC, referred doctors and students on behalf of The Interactive Studies Unit at The University of Birmingham and has also been part of an extensive global coaching programme, again with senior leaders, for IBM.

She offers a dedicated coaching service taking a collaborative approach to coaching with individuals and executives who wish to explore a personal or professional issue.

A Cognitive Behavioural Coaching approach is used to maintain a forward momentum  in combination with an even division between support and challenge allowing the coachee to develop their own solutions and coping mechanisms.

Rina uses tools such as the ABCDE model, FACTS, GROW, Stephen Covey's 'Circle of Influence', Transactional Analysis and the Assertiveness Continuum to unblock and unlock a Coachee's true potential.


Rina has pioneered the PAVE! Model and coaching can take  place as part of this or as a stand-alone service.

Client Comments:

"Rina combined humour, insight, clarity and compassion to help me identify my priorities, passions and barriers". A.B Personal  Holistic Client.

Rina was the perfect coach and the 3 sessions I had were a revelation. Everything that Rina did helped without a doubt".

S.C Financial Director.