Introducing the 'PAVE!' System. Your route to success!

P = Pinpoint: What does the coachee want to achieve? What do I observe through a number of simple exercises looking at verbal and non-verbal indicators? A Bespoke Plan of Action for the forthcoming sessions. Parts of this meeting are recorded for future reference.

A = Approach: How our mindset can limit our experience and outcome. How to turn the negative to a positive. Why do we think the way we do? What's the worst that can happen? Positive and unique affirmations.

V = Voice: Here we examine verbal communication, verbal 'ticks', minimising language, pace, tone, intonation, pause, volume. We practice breathing techniques, articulation and range (or intonation) exercises to encourage the voice to be more flexible.

E = Embodiment: Looking at non-verbal communication - stance, physical empowerment, presence, posture, assertive versus arrogant.

!    =    This final session is recorded. The coachee is encouraged to invite a handful of colleagues, or anyone else they feel appropriate, to watch a short presentation/practice a short interview. This session is intended to give the coachee a chance to put into practice the tools and techniques that we have looked at over the 4 sessions in a challenging environment. After the invited 'audience' have left, the coachee is shown the recording from session one alongside the recording from session five and asked to note areas that have changed for the better and those that still require development.