Rina's is currently working on two filming projects with Michael Winterbottom for Sky and Tim Burton for Netflix. Her most recent tv appearance was playing the role of Aliah Kapoor, a barrister in Series 11 of 'Vera' for ITV. She has recently completed filming a regular character in the third series of 'The Bay' for ITV and Tall Story Pictures. It will be shown in early 2022.


Rina can also been seen in upcoming feature film 'A Banquet' which was directed by Ruth Paxton and produced by Reliance Entertainment Productions.

Throughout her working life she has successfully managed two simultaneous freelance careers.


Benefiting from early job offers, while still studying for A-levels, she established a path as an actress in a number of high-end performance projects in theatre (Royal Shakespeare Company) radio (BBC Radio 4, The Archers) TV (BBC, ITV, Channel 4) and film in the UK and internationally.


Parallel to this performance career she has been a role-player and facilitator with, in excess of, twenty years of experience working with a number of training companies in the corporate and private sector. In addition Rina gains job satisfaction from coaching around personal impact and presentation skills enabling participants to improve how they are perceived by assisting their controlling of nerves and anxiety around self-presentation by applying a number of techniques gleaned from her extensive theatre career.


Rina is also a Level 5 qualified coach (Warwick University) who has an interest in cognitive behavioural coaching and challenging coaching. She works with people in a professional and personal context. 


Marrying these three strands has resulted in Rina leading a busy and fulfilling work life which allows her to indulge her creative side and at the same time fulfil a deep rooted belief in supporting others in their personal development and growth, as a passionate educator.